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About Idell Beauty

     Founded in 2013, Idell Beauty has grown from a simple makeup service provider to a multifaceted beauty experience; with extensive experience as a makeup artist in film productions, special occasions, special effects, and much more. Idell Beauty is now sought after for skincare services and guidance, creative direction for events and productions, beauty and cosmetic education, and makeup artistry and styling.

     Karah Peters, Owner and Founder of Idell Beauty, started her career in the beauty industry as a model. After many years of strutting down runways and posing in front of cameras, Karah became a mother and found herself trying to figure out life after pregnancy.

     The typical 9 to 5 was not her cup of tea and neither is any other "job". She needed a career. After leaving a position in customer service, Karah found herself in a successful interview at MAC Cosmetics. With only so much time on her hands, she chose to freelance with the very popular cosmetics line and grow independently as her own brand and artist.

     With a great deal of knowledge gained as a makeup artist, Karah needed to fulfill a higher purpose. A purpose that would allow her to help people of many walks of life, truly, feel beautiful. After obtaining her Esthetics License in April of 2016 she began a journey, she now continues to excel in, towards her goal of being a well-rounded beauty professional.

Photo by: Lakeela Smith
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